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UPS maintenance detects faulty battery links

Thermography in UPS Maintenance

UPS battery temperature logging – just part of the service

Evolution of a generator control schematic

I mentioned in my previous post about the generator control system upgrade, the process of carefully documenting the existing installation due to a lack of any drawings or information about how the current system works.

Here I thought I’d provide some insight into the process as it moves from not really knowing how the control system operates to having a fully developed schematic.  When you’re faced with a mess of wires, a bunch of unlabelled contactors, relays and fuses, all you can really do is pick a point to start work your way through until you have identified how every component comes together.

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Help! – our generator doesn’t work

Diesel Generator Controller - Before

This job started out as a fairly routine call to our Sydney office, the customer indicated they were having issues with their standby diesel generator not operating correctly. They had a weekend test scheduled and wanted us along to see how the system was performing and advise what could be done to improve its reliability.

One quick look at the generator controller and anyone could tell this wasn’t going to be a simple fix but apparently those that came before us were not so quick to put forward a solution. The test run was completed which allowed us to see the full operation (and failure) of the generator, controller, and transfer switch. Without a doubt the only fix for this was a re-wire of the control system.

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Power Protect awarded for our commitment to recycling