Generator Refuelling

Diesel generators play a critical role of supplying emergency power when there is a loss of power. Emergency diesel generators are typically designed to be able to operate for extended periods of time before refuelling. Whether small or large volumes, diesel fuel must be stored on-site in order to meet the operational time requirement in supplying the load.

However, during the long periods of non-emergency these generator systems are operated and tested a lot less frequently. This generally results in a very small volume of diesel fuel consumed during a 12 month period. Therefore the storage time of on-site diesel fuel can be in excess of 12 months, which is classified as long term storage. Diesel fuel that is stored for longer than 12 months, especially when not maintained full and topped up, has the potential to undergo fuel degradation and contamination that could adversely affect fuel quality, which can in turn affect the operability and reliability of your emergency diesel generator.

It has been made evident that small amounts of organic sediment and microbial contamination that have formed in diesel fuel stored over long periods of time had to be removed by means of filtering or polishing the diesel fuel in order to keep the bulk-stored diesel fuel clean and suitable for immediate use and so it should be tested and treated regularly and flushed and refilled when necessary.

Regardless if diesel fuel is being stored for domestic, retail or mission critical applications, exposure to contaminants, storage conditions and the surrounding environment can influence the long-term quality and condition of the diesel fuel stored within the tank. Ideally all diesel fuel storage should be maintained full, dry and cool at all times, however this may not always be possible and practicable. This is where Power Protect comes in. We can keep your fuel storage topped up at all times to keep the air space at the top of the tank to a minimum to prevent condensation in the tank, remediate a microbial contaminated fuel system with an effective biocide and drain water accumulated in the tank that promote microbial contamination. If your fuel is degraded to a point where it must be all used or removed, Power Protect will flush, clean and refill the tank to make it suitable for long term fuel storage again.

The team at Power Protect have come across contaminated generator fuel systems that have had their diesel fuel stored for extended periods, in some cases the original fuel that had been filled and left sitting in the base tank during the install of their generator many years ago. With a simple but effective fuel quality assurance program and maintenance to continuously monitor fuel quality along with the rest of the generator system, Power Protect have been able to resolve unreliable mission critical and emergency power systems that did not perform when called upon to become reliable systems that they can expect to protect their power at all times, every time.

Whether you need your diesel fuel tank flushed, cleaned and refilled. Or to prevent getting to that point by implementing on-going fuel quality testing, polishing and maintenance, give Power Protect a call on 1300 877 626 or email [email protected].