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The team at Power Protect love our coffee! So much so the when advertised for staff in our Port Melbourne office we made a point of saying there were two great cafes within walking distance.

You can imagine then that we were all to happy to help when we received a call from Allison from Mojo Expresso. Allison runs a coffee van in South Western Sydney and had been having problems with the on-board Cummins Onan generator cutting out suddenly with no explanation of why. When it was occurring once daily, it was manageable but the issues started to increase which was impacting Allison’s ability to run her business.

After some unreliable experiences with another generator company, Allison was getting desperate for some support! That’s when Power Protect got involved. Allison brought her van into our Sydney workshop where our technicians serviced the generator and ran it with a dummy load to give it a really good test. The fault codes provided by the Onan Controller indicated a sudden unexpected shutdown which can result from several things including fuel delivery problems.

Expresso coffee generator van

The fuel pump was replaced and the performance seemed to improve but we weren’t convinced and asked Allison to keep an eye on things. Sure enough, within days the same problem had occurred! More troubleshooting and testing identified the controller to be at fault, so a replacement controller was fitted to the unit.

Following these works, Allison has decided to have her generator serviced with Power Protect on a regular basis. Based off the number of hours her coffee cart runs and the size of her generator, the van will be having 250 hours/6 weekly servicing.
A generator of this size could potentially by requiring replacement after approximately 10 000 hours or 5 years, depending on how often it is run.

Allison even had some kind words to pass on to the Power Protect team!
Big special thanks to Kev and Dave for all their efforts in getting me back up and running.
Both men are amazing assets to your business.
And that is something that is not often seen these days.
Thank you, Sam and Jason, for taking Mojo on to service.

Mojo Coffee Cart with generator service

Have you got a coffee cart or mobile food truck that requires a generator service? Or do you need some additional assistance or documentation on how your generator operates and should be maintained?
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