Power Protect awarded for our commitment to recycling

Power Protect have been a member of the ACTSmart Business Recycling Program since 2011.  The program encourages and recognises businesses for their efforts in recycling and waste minimisation.   At the 2016 Business Sustainability Awards Power Protect received a Highly Commended Corporate Award for our ongoing commitment to waste minimisation.

Power Protect Sustainability Award 2016

Along with routine recycling for paper and cardboard products, Power Protect actively recycle used lead-acid batteries [ULAB] replaced as part of the service we provide for Uninterrupted Power Supplies and Diesel Generators.  In 2015 we recycled approximately 120 tonne of batteries, keeping the toxic lead from making its way to landfill.

Power Protect batteries for recycling

Power Protect are equipped with the material handling, transportation, and packaging equipment to fully manage even the largest battery installation or replacement project.  Batteries removed from sites are sorted and stored at our warehouse before being loaded onto a semi-trailer to be shipped directly to a battery recycling facility in Unanderra, NSW.

Power Protect Batteries on Semi

96% of the material that makes up a lead-acid battery is recovered for re-use during the recycling process. Both lead and plastic are separated and reprocessed then shipped to manufacturers for the production of new batteries. Sulphuric acid is either neutralised or converted to sodium sulphate for use in laundry detergent, glass, or textile manufacturing. New lead-acid batteries are manufactured from 60-80% recycled materials. This closed loop recycling process makes lead- acid battery recycling extremely successful from both an environmental and cost perspective.

If you have a battery system that requires replacement contact Power Protect to discuss the responsible recycling of your lead-acid batteries