Thermal Imaging

Service and Maintenance

Thermal Imaging is an incredibly valuable diagnostic tool for identifying potentially serious equipment faults which are not visible by naked eyes and for predictive maintenance. Early detection of abnormalities ensures that remedial action can be taken prior to the system failures which are costly and down time. Importantly, infrared scans are non-intrusive and don’t require system shutdowns. Scans are performed whilst equipment is fully functional and under load.

Most electrical and mechanical faults are preceded by a change in temperature. Programmed thermal imaging alerts you to those changes, ensuring your workplace and equipment remains safe and productive. With early detection and remedial action you can prevent equipment failure, unplanned shutdowns and possibly fires detrimental to your business activities and human safety.

Power Protect technicians are trained in Thermography by the University of Melbourne and certified by the Australian Institute of Non-Destructive Testing and our in-depth knowledge of power distribution systems has allowed us to locate faults that others have missed.

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