UPS battery temperature logging – just part of the service

A single bad battery in a UPS battery string creates a risk of downtime for datacenter and critical power applications, and the biggest killer of batteries is excessive temperature.

We’ve seen many installations with inadequate temperature control but for the service engineer performing routine maintenance checks, determining the extent of the problem can be difficult.  In 2013 Power Protect introduced temperature logging for all maintenance contract customers, with a logging thermometer installed in all battery rooms.

The temperature loggers are programmed to display an alarm indicator when the high temperature set-point is reached telling the service engineer that they need to interrogate the logger to determine the extent of the problem.

On the spot, our service engineers can determine the extent of the excessive temperature and how long the high temperature lasted.  This information allows our engineers to engage directly with site staff to further identify what may be causing the high temperature.

This is just one of the benefits of engaging Power Protect to maintain your UPS assets.  Our service engineers don’t just check to see if your equipment is still working, they seek out opportunities to improve the reliability and resilience of your critical power systems.

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